Latest Drone Laws in Mauritius

If you are touring or vacaying in Mauritius with a drone then this blog is for you! 

We are here with the latest drone laws Mauritius, so that you can enjoy a pleasant flight. Every country has its set of rules for drones and Mauritius is no exception.

For those who want to enjoy an aerial view of this island nation with their drone, you need to be aware of the latest Mauritius drone regulations.

Read on to know what are the legal requirements for flying a drone in Mauritius.

Overview of Drone Regulations

The Department of Civil Aviation is responsible for the drone laws in Mauritius. If you’re one of those who wants to fly their drone here, you must adhere to the guidelines given by this Department.

Following is an overview of the drone regulations:

  1.  No article or animal can be dropped from a remotely operated aircraft.

  2.  Direct and unaided visual contact with the drone is mandatory at all times.

  3.  Drones are not permitted to fly beyond 400 ft from the surface.

  4.  Drone pilots flying a craft weighing less than 7 kgs for leisure must meet the civil airworthiness requirements.

  5.  Unlike Finland that requires drones to be weighed 25kg. Drone registration for Mauritius is required to be 20 kgs.

Drone Permissions and Registration

All drone flight regulations Mauritius are contained in Regulation 91 of the Civil Aviation Regulations. 

Drone licenses or registrations are not required for flying drones weighing less than 7 kgs.

Permissions are only required if:

  •  You are flying a drone for surveillance or commercial purposes


  •  You intend to fly in restricted airspace, such as Class A airspace, Class C airspace, Class D airspace, Class E airspace, or near an airport


  •  The drone is being operated at more than 400 ft altitude


  •  The flight will occur over a congested area or within 150m of such a space


  •  The drone is being operated within 50m of a vessel/structure/person who is not known to the operator

The permission for flying drones in Mauritius in the above conditions is granted to you only by the Department of Civil Aviation.

To obtain these permits, the operator must meet the airworthiness criteria listed in Regulation 135.

When submitting the application, the operator must ensure that a thorough risk assessment is submitted alongside.

You can find the checklist for the risk assessment released by the DCA here.

Pilot Certification in Mauritius

Pilot certification in Mauritius is only required when you’re seeking special permissions as mentioned above. 

To qualify for the Mauritius drone legal requirements, the pilot must have an acceptable Basic National (remotely piloted aircraft) Certificate (BNUCTM) and Basic National (remotely piloted aircraft) Certificate – Small Unmanned Aircraft (BNUC-STM).

Restricted areas and No-Fly Zones

When flying your drone in Mauritius, it’s best for you to be aware of the restricted areas and no-fly zones Mauritius.

The following areas are restricted drone areas Mauritius:

  •     Military establishments and sensitive areas.
  •     Government buildings and national parks.
  •     Flying over congested areas or public gatherings is strictly prohibited.
  •     Class A airspace, Class C airspace, Class D airspace or Class E airspace.
  •     >400 ft from the ground.

Penalties for Violating Drone Laws

If you are flying your drone in Mauritius, be sure to adhere to the laws and regulations.

Ignoring the drone restrictions Mauritius can result in penalties like fines, legal action, or drone confiscation.


As is clear from the above information, drone laws in Mauritius are quite lenient for recreational flyers. Be sure to apply for and take permits if you are flying in restricted areas.

Drone flying in Mauritius is an exhilarating experience. Abiding by the drone laws will ensure that you enjoy it to the fullest. 

Always check with the DCA website for any drone law updates Mauritius before you take your drone for a spin! 


No. Drone registration is not compulsory in Mauritius if your drone weighs less than 7 kg and is used for recreational purposes.

The penalties for drone laws violations in Mauritius include fines, legal action, and drone confiscation depending on the severity of the offence.

No, flying near airports, aerodromes, and government buildings is prohibited.

Yes. The operator must obtain special commercial drone permits Mauritius to fly their drone for commercial purposes, surveillance, aerial works, etc.

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