Latest Drone Laws in Mongolia

Introduction to Drone Regulations in Mongolia

If you are a drone enthusiast, you cannot afford to miss out on the drone shots of Ulaanbaatar.

However, there are several drone laws Mongolia has established that you need to follow. 

Set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (CAAM), these laws ensure increased popularity of drones while keeping people and property safe.

Let’s take a look at the drone laws and no-fly zones Mongolia has so you can navigate the skies freely.

Overview of Drone Regulations in Mongolia

If you are in Mongolia, drone safety guidelines are a must-follow. Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts. 

  1. You must take all possible steps to minimize danger to people and property.

  2. You cannot operate a drone in any active part of an aerodrome or a runway.

  3. Do not operate drones in the airspace over persons who have not given consent to do so.

  4. Do not operate above anyone’s property unless the property owner has given consent.

  5. Do not fly drones at a height above 400 feet (120 m). 

  6. You must not operate a drone in any area where your line of sight would be obstructed.

  7. You must not operate a drone under meteorological conditions where your view would be blocked.

  8. You must always maintain a visual line of sight with the drone and the area around it.

  9. You must always fly below the cloud base.

  10. You must not operate a model aircraft which weighs over 25 kilos.

  11. You must not operate a drone at night unless it is indoors or in a shielded operation.

Drone Registration Process

If you are looking for the ‘drone registration Mongolia’, this is the right place.

Part 47 discusses what you need to do to undergo the drone registration process Mongolia has.

  1. You need to apply for drone registration if you own an unmanned aircraft for over 180 days.

  2. You need to complete the form CAA 24047/01 which requires:
  • The manufacturer, model and serial number of the aircraft; 

  • The name and address for service in Mongolia of the person 

  • Other relevant details

You may be asked to provide evidence of the above if the Director thinks so.

Do keep in mind that you do not need to hold a valid Certificate of Registration for a period of 28 days after it expires.

However, you do need to renew your certificate after that. Otherwise you are not liable to operate the drone until you are granted one. 

The drone registration fees Mongolia requires you to pay is a sum of ₮30,000.

Identification of No-fly Zones and Restricted Areas

Just like its neighboring country China, Flying drones in Mongolia requires you to stay out of the restricted zone areas Mongolia has.

Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia lists the drone restrictions Mongolia has under section 101. Here’s an overview of what to keep in mind.

You cannot fly a drone within 4 km of-

  1. An uncontrolled aerodrome-
  • Unless you are operating in accordance with an aerodrome operator

  • You are operating the drone downwind on the active runway

  • You have someone observing the drone in flight

  • Your drone is not at a height of 400 feet (120 m) above the ground level unless you have been approved by the Director
  1. A controlled aerodrome-

Unless you are operating under the authority of a relevant ATC unit.

  1. Any aerodrome unless-
  • You hold a pilot qualification issued by an approved person.

  • You are under the supervision of someone who holds the pilot qualification.

  • You hold a pilot license or certificate.

There are other no-fly zones Mongolia has that you need to keep out of. Part 71 discusses those.

If you are operating a drone under 4 km from an aerodrome boundary and above 400 feet, AGL will ensure that-

  1. You operate in a class G airspace.

  2. You are operating in a dangerous area as per part 71.

  3. You have notified the authority before 24 hours of your operation for the issuance of a NOTAM.

Commercial Drone Permits and Licenses

While you don’t need commercial drone permits Mongolia requires you to have an Unmanned Operator Certificate. You need this if you are flying drones without following part 101

You need to submit the application under CAA 24102/01 to the Director.

Your application must include the following:

  • The name and address for service in Mongolia of the applicant

  • The details of the operations specification

  • The applicant’s exposition (see below)

  • The CAAM may require any other information relating to the application

If you are applying for this, you also need to provide the Director with an exposition. The exposition needs to address the nature, degree and risks of the operation.

Penalties for Violations

While you are in Mongolia, drone penalties for violations is not something you want on your souvenir list. 

There are no explicit mentions of any penalties for drone laws in general.

However, if you use drones to breach property laws or privacy laws, you are liable to punishment. These could include a monetary fine of 500,000 MNT. 


Now that you are aware of the latest drone legislation Mongolia has, what do you think?

Whether you are a tourist or an operator, the drone operation rules Mongolia has are a must follow.

As long as you adhere to the drone flight regulations, Mongolia will be an exotic spot for drone enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. 

I have covered all the latest drone law updates Mongolia has so far. But do keep an eye out on the website of the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (CAAM).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all drones must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (CAAM).

Penalties for violating drone laws in Mongolia may include fines, confiscation of drones, and legal action.

No, drone operations near tourist attractions and other sensitive areas are strictly prohibited in Mongolia.

Yes, commercial drone operators in Mongolia must obtain special permits and licenses from the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (CAAM).

 No-fly zones in Mongolia are typically specified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (CAAM) and can be found on their official website or through local aviation authorities.

Drone operators should adhere to safety guidelines issued by the CAAM, including maintaining line of sight, avoiding populated areas, and not exceeding altitude limits.

Yes, there is typically a registration fee for drones in Mongolia, details of which can be obtained from the CAAM.

To apply for a commercial drone permit, you must submit an application to the CAAM, including relevant documents and details about your drone operations.

Yes, altitude limits for drone flights are set by the CAAM, and operators must not exceed these limits to ensure safety and compliance.

 If you witness illegal drone activity, you should report it to the local authorities or the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (CAAM).

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