Latest Drone Laws In Monaco

Monaco is a charming destination for drone flyers. Trust me, the scenic natural surroundings and pretty structures are a photographer’s delight. 

However, to have a pleasant flying experience, it is best to be aware of the drone regulations in Monaco.

Read on to discover the latest Monaco drone regulations for an informed flight.

Overview of Drone Regulations

The Monaco Civil Aviation Authority implements the drone laws in the Principality of Monaco. Below are the general guidelines to follow when flying your drone here:

  1. Drones weighing more than 100 grams need a certificate of authorization issued by the Director of Civil Aviation.

  2. As listed on the official website, model aircraft weighing less than 100 grams, captive flying devices, lightweight free-flying balloons, and ultra-light gliders are freely permitted.

  3. Flying in the vicinity of the Prince’s Palace, the Place du Palais, and within 150 meters of the heliport is strictly prohibited.

Applying For Authorization

If you intend to shoot or film in Monaco while you’re flying drones in Monaco, then proper authorizations are mandatory.

The authorizations include a list of the remote pilots and details of the authorized aircraft.

To apply for authorization, you need to visit the official website of the Monaco Aviation Authority and create a personal account. Thereafter, you need to furnish the following information:

  •     Production contact
  •     Team
  •     Detail of the shots
  •     Arrangements for equipment
  •     Attachment(s)
  •     Summary

The drone registration fees Monaco for operator authorization is 500€ and the validity is one year. Thereafter, you need to renew the authorizations anually at a cost of 50€. 

Apart from the operator authorization, you don’t require any other permits for drone flights in Monaco.

Other Requirements

The procedure for operator authorization in Monaco is quite document-heavy. I had to submit a lot of documents to get the authorization. 

As per Drone flight regulations Monaco, you need to furnish a number of details:

  • Type of engine and propellers in the drone. You can read more about why drones have four propellers in my previous blog.

  •  A detailed description that includes the dimensions, mass, constituent parts, etc., of the device.

  • Evidence to prove you are above 18 years of age.

  • Documentation relating to the parachute installed in the drone if it weighs more than 700 kg.

  • An electronic or digital signaling system installed in the drone, which is compatible with the identification system for unmanned remote-controlled aircraft in force in the Principality.

  •  A copy of the operator’s civil liability insurance contract.

The list of drone operation rules Monaco is exhaustive! You can view the entire checklist here.

Restricted areas and No-Fly Zones

I found that the Principality of Monaco mostly allows recreational flyers to explore the place freely. There are only a limited number of places that are out of bounds for drones. 

The below areas form part of the restricted drone areas Monaco:

  1. Above the Place du Palais and the Prince’s Palace

  2. Less than 150 meters from the boundaries of the heliport of Monaco

  3. Above the whole of the Principality of Monaco during the periods determined and indicated by the Ministerial Decree. 

To fly in these areas, you need special authorizations.

Penalties for Violating Drone Laws

When flying in Monaco, you must adhere to the Monaco drone safety guidelines provided by the Civil Aviation Department. 

If it is found that your drone is a risk to people or property, then your operator authorization may be suspended or limited.

Other than this, flying in restricted areas and no-fly zones may result in fines or the revoking of the operator’s license. In my opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry!


Just like me, you can make your Monaco drone flying a responsible experience with this drone regulations guide.

Remember to check the official website of the Civil Aviation Authority before flying for any recent Monaco drone legislation changes. 

This ensures that you are aware of any updates in the flying zone restrictions. 


Yes. Drones weighing more than 100 grams need authorization by the Civil Aviation Authority of Monaco to fly. 

Yes. Drones are not allowed to fly in the vicinity of the Prince’s Palace, the Place du Palais, and within 150 meters of the heliport.

According to Monaco drone legal requirements, the penalties for violating drone laws in Monaco include fines or suspension of operator license.

According to drone laws Monaco, the fee for operator approval is 500€.

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