Latest Drone Laws in Moldova

Moldova, a European country, has almost identical drone laws to other nations, like Liechtenstein and Malta. Its official aviation authority monitors them, and following these drone laws is necessary for every pilot. 

Read on as I explain the various drone regulations in Moldova and other crucial information. 

Moldova Drone Regulations – Updated

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova (CAA), the governing body for drone operations in the country, requires every operator to follow the given rules:

  • You can only bring one drone per person if traveling to Moldova from another country.

  • Please refer to this map for the list of all no-fly zones in Moldova. 

  • You cannot take your UAV near airports, military installations, and strategic infrastructure.

  • Although national parks and reserves fall under no-fly zones, you can still apply for permanent permission from local authorities to fly over them.

  • Keep your drone within your Line of Sight (LoS) and fly below 120m in the daylight hours. Flying a drone at night isn’t allowed.

  • It’ll help to avoid flying your drone over public or crowded places. Avoid private properties, too.

  • You don’t need a drone permit or license for recreational activities. However, it’s a must for commercial jobs.

What Are the Penalties for Violating Drone Laws in Moldova?

As far as I know, I didn’t see any specific penalty for violating drone laws in Moldova.

Still, you can expect a hefty fine for your first violation, drone confiscation and jail term for repeated offenses. 

If I get more information about the penalties, I’ll ensure to update them here.

Latest Drone Laws in Moldova: FAQs

You only need to register your drone for commercial operations in Moldova.

If you’re flying it for fun or non-commercial purposes, you don’t require any registration. 

Yes! You can’t fly your drone anywhere in Moldova, with this European country’s laws being quite stringent than before. You can refer to this map for the list of all no-fly zones in Moldova. 

Absolutely, yes! Commercial drone operators must get a flying license or permit to fly their drones in the airspace. 


Moldova’s latest drone laws reflect a proactive approach to allowing drones into its airspace while ensuring safety, security, and privacy.

These measures protect the public and infrastructure and support the growth of the drone industry in the country. 

I hope you’re now clear about drone laws in Moldova. If you have any doubts, do let me know in the comments below.

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