Latest Drone Laws in Malta

Malta, an island country in Southern Europe, legally recognizes drones within its airspace.

However, like other European Union countries such as Croatia, it has established certain regulations and restrictions for drone pilots. 

Continue reading as I list down these latest drone laws in Malta, along with other useful information.

Malta Drone Regulations for Every Pilot

Malta comes under the European Union, and thus, drone operations in the country are governed by its own Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). 

  • Embassies, power stations, nature reserves, hospitals, correctional facilities, airports, and heliports are no-fly zones in Malta. You can refer to this map for the list of other zones. 

  • You must fly your drone during the daylight hours and within the Line of Sight (LoS). 

  • Avoid taking out your drone in rough weather conditions.

  • A drone pilot license is required for hobbyists, commercial pilots, and visitors. You don’t need one if you’re flying for recreation.

  • Drones weighing 250g or above must be registered with the CAD. 

  • Drone Remote ID is generally required in Malta (except in C0 and C4 classes with no RID). 

  • You must be careful while taking shots from your drone’s camera and abide by Malta’s Data Protection Act.

  • You must give way to manned aircraft in the airspace. 

Latest Drone Laws in Malta: FAQs

You must register your drone in Malta if it weighs 250g or above. Along with registration, you’ll also need a drone pilot license to fly it and insurance. This is true for both recreational and commercial pilots.

Malta, part of the EU, prohibits drones over or around Embassies, power stations, nature reserves, hospitals, correctional facilities, airports, and heliports.

You must also avoid flying above crowds, private properties, etc. 

If you want to fly within a no-fly zone, you must get written consent from the local authority to avoid any legal trouble later.

Violating drone laws in Malta attracts a fine of €1,000 to €5,000, drone confiscation (after repeated violations), or both.

There are no specific requirements for commercial drone operations in Malta.

Your drone must be registered with the CAD, and you must have a valid license and insurance.

Yes, drones are allowed in Malta. But you follow the guidelines as I mentioned above.


Here you go. That’s all about the latest drone laws in Malta. Whether a tourist, recreational pilot, or commercial operator, you must take note of the guidelines mentioned above to ensure a safe and legal flight.

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