Latest Drone Laws in Luxembourg


The medieval old towns, gorgeous cliffs, serene nature parks, and dense forest cover of Luxembourg are all must-have attractions for aerial photography.

But before flying, it is always good to be aware of the latest drone laws in Luxembourg.

Read on as we simplify the drone laws Luxembourg so you can enjoy a stress-free flight.

Overview of Drone Regulations

The Directorate of Civil Aviation is responsible for overseeing the Luxembourg drone regulations.

The rules laid down by the Luxembourg aviation authority provide a legal framework that enables drone flyers to operate safely.

Here is an overview of the rules if you intend to fly your drone in Luxembourg:

  1. Similar to India drone laws there are three categories of flying drones in Luxembourg and different rules apply to each.

  2. Registration is mandatory for drone operators.

  3. A Remote Pilot Certification is mandatory for flying.

  4. Children who are under 16 years old can only fly under adult supervision if they have done the training in accordance with the requirements of the European regulation – OPEN training.

Categories of Drone Operations

Unlike Ghana, the drone flight regulations in Luxembourg are divided into three categories based on the levels of associated risk:

Open Category

This least-risk category is applicable mainly to recreational flying. It does not require any authorization from the DAC. The supervision in this case is ensured by the Police Grand-Ducale.

Specific Category

High-risk operations are included under the Specific Category. A competent authority must authorize such a flight. Supervision in this case falls under the DAC.

Certified Category

Such flights are under the highest operation risk. As a result, they need a certified UAS and must be flown by licensed remote pilots. The concerned authority must approve such flights. 

Drone Registration Luxembourg

Only drones that are not toys, weigh more than 250 grams, and are equipped with cameras/sensors for data collection need to be registered.

Below is the detailed drone registration process Luxembourg:

  1. The first requirement is to define if you are a legal person or a natural person.

    A natural person only needs to register in their country of residence. A legal person needs to be registered in the country of their business.

  2. Only those who are 16 years or above can register as drone operators.

  3. Registration is done online on the official website.

  4. Drone registration fees Luxembourg are free for UAS operators.

  5. The processing time for online application is only 3 hours and appears in the Messages tab.

  6. The drone registration number is unique and valid for a period of 1 year.

Drone operators are required to display the UAS operator number visibly on their drone.

Remote Pilot License

There are two tests that are conducted by the DAC for pilot certification. These are the OPEN A1/A3 online theoretical examination and the OPEN A2 theoretical examination.

The OPEN A1/A3 test is conducted online and registration is free. You have to clear an OPEN A1/A3 online theoretical examination:

–   If you are flying a drone with class mark “C” then the OPEN A1/A3 online theoretical examination is optional for C0 but mandatory for mark C1, C2, C3, and C4.

–   If your drone is without the mark C, then the test is mandatory.

The OPEN A2 theoretical examination can only be taken by those who possess a valid OPEN A1/A3 certificate. This is an on-site examination and is available in English and French.

Restricted Areas and No-Fly Zones

The DAC has identified certain UAS geographic areas i.e. the areas that are sensitive or require compliance with specific rules to fly. 

All these restricted drone areas Luxembourg are available on the map provided by the government.

Since the map is dynamic, it is advised to consult it each time before flying for the latest fly zones in accordance with the drone law updates Luxembourg.

In the map, the UAS zones have been marked as:

–   Prohibited – Sites such as sporting stadiums, local airfields, etc.

–   Require Authorization Areas like Findel Airport, Palais Grand-Ducal Luxembourg, penitentiary centers, etc.

–   Conditional Places that require prior notification from the authorities before flying.

Other than these zones, the following general drone restrictions Luxembourg apply to all flights:

–   Drones must not be flown higher than 120m.

–   All operations must take place within visual line-of-sight.

Penalties for Violating Drone Laws

The drone rules in Luxembourg have been designed for the safety of the pilot as well as the people and property around them.

Therefore, you must comply with them for a safe flight.
The DAC is responsible for ensuring compliance with the drone rules and their implementation.

On the ground, it is the Grand Ducal Police that performs regular checks. Any drone violations are strictly penalized in the country.


Your safety as well as that of others around you are of paramount importance when flying drones.

Simply by keeping these drone operation rules Luxembourg in mind, you can ensure that your flight is pleasurable!

Luxembourg offers some amazing vistas and adhering to these rules will keep you safe.


Yes, drone registration is mandatory in Luxembourg.

Yes. There are some geographic areas identified by the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DAC) that you cannot fly in.

No. Always check the map provided by the DAC before any flight to know where you can and cannot fly.

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