Latest Drone Laws in Lithuania

Are you a tourist visiting Lithuania with a drone or a resident planning to invest in an uncrewed aircraft for commercial purposes? In either case, you must know the regulations for drones in this European country. 

This is important not only to ensure a safe and legal flight but also to enjoy hassle-free flying. Continue reading as I list all the latest drone laws in Lithuania.

Lithuania Drone Regulations – Updated

Here’s the breakdown of the latest Lithuania drone regulations, as per the Lithuania Civil Aviation Administration (LCAA): 

  • Don’t fly your drone more than 120m from the ground level. It must also have liability insurance.

  • Any drone weighing above 250g or using a video or audio device must register in the TKA online system (fees is 10 EUR). You just need to register once, regardless of how many UAVs you own.

  • It’s necessary to display the authentic UAS user registration number received after successful registration on your drone’s body. This comes handy in tracking down your drone.

  • You must pay attention to your drone’s class and CE marking to know its flying category and additional requirements for flights. 

  • You can only transfer your drone rights to another person if they have the required permits to operate it.

    Rules for OPEN flight category:

    • Don’t fly in restricted areas unless you’ve the permission of the manager of that relevant area.

    • Keep your drone within your Line of Sight.

    • Maintain a safe distance from outsiders and animals.

    • If your drone injures a person or flies into a prohibited area, you must immediately inform the controlling authority.

    • Your drone has a maximum take-off mass of less than 25kg.

    • Your drone must keep a minimum distance of 50m from all vehicles, buildings, people, crowds, etc.

    • A special permit is required to fly your drone in the special category.

Latest Drone Laws in Lithuania: FAQs

 If  your drone has a camera or weighs more than 250g, you must register it in a special TKA system and mark it with the unique number received.

You don’t need to do any registration if your drone weighs under 250g or is just flying for recreation. 

There are certain restrictions on where you can fly your drone in Lithuania. You should avoid no-fly zones in Lithuania, such as the border zones, military bases, air traffic zones of airports, airfields, etc. 

Please refer to this
unofficial no-fly zones map for more information.

In order to fly your drone over any restricted place, you must apply for a permission from the concerned person or authority.

In Lithuania, every violation is punishable by a fine for the first time and a fine & mandatory confiscation of your drone for the second time.

If you’re a commercial drone operator, you must register your drone with the Civil Aircraft Register of the Republic of Lithuania

Yes, drones are allowed in Lithuania. But make sure you follow the above guidelines to fly them responsibly and legally.


I hope you’re now aware of the latest drone legislation in Lithuania and requirements for commercial and non-commercial flight operations. 

In case of any doubts or clarification on any of the above Lithuania drone regulations, you can connect through the comments below.

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