Latest Drone Laws in Kiribati

While looking for drone law updates in various countries, I came across Kiribati drone regulations. I was so curious to know as I started imagining tiny planes zooming through the skies above the beautiful island nation in the central Pacific Ocean. 

Kiribati is updating and using technology wisely and safely. Understanding the drone laws here becomes important since they guarantee that every UAV is operated seamlessly. 

Let’s understand and dive deep into the drone laws in Kiribati which cover regulatory landscape analysis, drone laws and regulations, the registration process, and much more. 

Overview of Drone Regulations in Kiribati

In Kiribati, drones are regulated through unique laws and mandates. The rules are set considering the specific geographical and technological context. 

Kiribati operates both recreationally and commercially using drones, with some set of rules for safer drone activities and compliance. 

Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO) is the agency responsible for regulating drone laws in Kiribati.

It is the only international organization responsible for and working for the Pacific Islands and is a signatory to the
Pacific Islands Civil Aviation Safety and Security Treaty (PICASST) established in 2005.

Let’s get into some key regulations that you should know before flying drones in Kiribati.

Latest Drone Legalisation Kiribati: Key Regulations

Before we deep dive into each rule, make sure you form a checklist about the key drone regulations.

Mandatory drone registration requirement:

To avoid any legal complications, it is important to register the drones whether you are using them for commercial or government purposes.

For recreational drones, no registration is mandatory with the
Civil Aviation Authority of Kiribati (CAAK).

Some of the operational guidelines to follow:

  • Day flying: Drones should be operated in daylight hours only.

  • Privacy considerations: Jamaica has similar regulations to Kiribati when it comes to privacy considerations. 

    Drone operators are expected not to fly over private properties or restricted drone areas. Flying drones in crowded areas is strictly prohibited.

  • Airport proximity: Drones should strictly not operate near “no-fly” zones like airports, traditional aircraft operations, or even around such no-fly zones Kiribati property.

  • Military operations: Flying drones over zones of military operations and government access areas are strictly prohibited. 

Penalties and Enforcing the Rules

Violating the drone laws may lead to legal actions depending on the type of offense. Kiribati drone penalties are mentioned below for your reference:

  1. Educational warnings: Formal warnings are issued to the operators and compliance for minor offenses. 

  2. Notices: CAAK can issue fines up to $1565 per offense and impose multiple drone restrictions Kiribati while operating them. 

  3. Court penalty: If the case is serious and reaches the court, the case can be stretched directly to the Commonwealth of Public Prosecutions with the maximum fine of $15, 650 and for the hazards, it is $37,901

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to register your drone before flying to Kiribati. There is no legal framework or methodology to follow for the drone registration process in Kiribati. 

The permit should be taken from the legal framework for drone flying in Kiribati.

It is highly advised not to make a false authorization for the approval of flying drones in Kiribati. 

Yes, there are restrictions according to the Kiribati Aviation Authority where flying drones is not allowed. 

It covers the no-fly zones and restricted zones like 5 miles around and on the airport, military operation areas, and around it or above private property. 

Penalties for violating drone laws in Kiribati include a monetary fine of up to $1,565 per offense or confiscating the drone and taking legal action.

 No, flying drones around or over airports, government buildings, and military operations is strictly prohibited.

If found violating the drone laws, penalties and legal actions are taken accordingly. 

The commercial drone permits Kiribati require registration and permits from the Civil Aviation Authority Kiribati (CAAK), and it is mandatory to mention the purpose of flying drones around.

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