Latest Drone Laws in Japan

I’ve been to Japan many times, and it’s probably the best country to take out your drone for a flight. Why so? I mean, the drone laws in Japan are so well formulated and implemented that both recreational and commercial flyers can operate their UAVs hassle-free.   

In this blog post, I’ll take you through the current drone regulations in Japan. I will also explore the key restrictions, permits, and guidelines for flying drones in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan Drone Regulations – An Overview

Below is the complete list of the latest updates on drone regulations in Japan: 

  • Every drone weighing 100g or more must be registered under the Civil Aeronautics Act in Japan.

  • You should avoid flying your drone around airports, densely populated areas, and airspace for emergencies.

  • If you need permission to fly your drone for special operations, you must obtain it at least a week prior.

  • It’s prohibited to operate your drone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • You must not fly your drone at night and beyond the Line of Sight (LoS).

  • It’s mandatory to maintain a 30m or more operating distance between your UAV and persons or properties on the ground/water surface. 

  • You can’t use your drone to drop any objects, even if you’re a commercial pilot.

  • Report your flight plan (time and date, route, and altitude, etc.) to MLIT in advance, when you fly your unmanned aircraft under the flight permission/approval from MLIT.

    You must maintain your flight logbook as well.

Latest Drone Laws in Japan: FAQs

Well, it’s mandatory to register your drone in Japan if it weighs 100g or more. The entire process is quite smooth and won’t take much time.

Yes, there are restrictions on where you can fly your drone in Japan. Some no-fly zones in Japan include airports, densely inhabited districts, and airspace for emergency action.

If you’re violating drone laws in Japan, police officers may take necessary actions against you.

These include stopping your flight or destroying your drone. If I talk about penalties, I remember one person being fined 500,000 yen.

But sometimes, the authorities may also send you behind the bars.

There are no specific requirements for commercial drone operations in Japan. All you must ensure is drone registration and permission from MLIT.


Here you go. That’s all about the latest drone laws in Japan from my end. Ensure you adhere to these drone laws, register your drone, and follow the said protocols to operate your UAV legally and safely within the country’s borders. 

If you’ve any questions, shoot them in the comments below. Till then, happy flying.

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