Latest Drone Laws in Jamaica

Today, drones are used in many industries in Jamaica. They are extensively used in the agriculture sector, tourism industry, entertainment, and what not.

This has lead to more people adopting drone technology and benefitting from it. 

Like other countries, the  Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority has also set some guidelines for drone pilots for safe flight operations within the country’s borders.

So, what are the drone laws in Jamaica? Continue reading as I discuss this.

Jamaica Drone Regulations – Updated

Jamaican Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) requires you to follow the given regulations for flying your drone, whether you’re a recreational or commercial pilot:

  • If you’re a foreigner, you can bring only one drone per person.

  • Your drone must fly at an altitude of 122 meters to 500 meters from the ground.

  • You must avoid taking your drone above or near military installations, strategic infrastructure, airfields, or airports.

  • For safety reasons, you can’t fly your drone in pre-programmed flight modes. Hence, it’s mandatory to use only the manual (M) mode.

  • You can fly your drone only during daylight while maintaining the Line of Sight (LoS).

  • A built-in fail-safe function, like in the DJI Mavic Pro 2, is a must.
  • If you’re a recreational drone pilot, you don’t need a flying permit or license.

    Commercial drone pilots, on the other hand, must apply for it through

    Along with the mail, you must send over your drone’s basic details, your flight route, and any license you possess (if any).

  • Remember to keep your drone away from private/public properties, dwellings, etc. This is because drone has the potential to see through walls. 

  • You’re allowed to fly above or near national parks and reserves, but only after getting permission from local authorities.

Latest Drone Laws in Jamaica: FAQs

This is the best thing about JCAA, in my opinion. You’re not required to register your drone in Jamaica.

But if you’re into commercial operations, you must apply for an operations permit. That’s all.

Yes, there are some standard no-fly zones in Jamaica. For example, you can’t fly above or near military installations, government buildings, strategic infrastructure, airfields, or airports.

A financial fine, imprisonment, and drone confiscation are the penalties for violating drone laws in Jamaica.

You must have a permit from the JCAA for commercial drone operations in this Caribbean country.

Just mail the following details at least a few days prior on, and you’re good to go:

  • Drone details, such as brand, weight, serial number, and a color photo
  • Flight route details 
  • Any overseas license (optional)


Here you go. I hope you’re now aware of the latest drone laws in Jamaica. Remember that Jamaica has some of the toughest penalties for violating its drone laws.

Don’t forget to review the above guidelines if you plan to fly your drone in this Caribbean country. 

If you’ve other questions for me, let’s connect through the comments below.

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