Latest Drone Laws in China


Flying your drone in China can be an exhilarating experience as long as you respect the rules and regulations. There are several laws in place to keep the skies safe for everyone.

I have summarized all the latest Chinese drone legislation changes in this blog so you can fly stress-free! Read ahead to learn more about the Chinese drone rules and regulations.

Overview of Drone Regulations

The authorities in China have only recently passed new drone laws called the Civil Unmanned Aerial Craft Operation Safety Management Rules that have been applicable from the start of 2024.

These latest drone legislation China include:

  1. Compulsory drone registration for any drone weight or category.

  2. If flying in Shanghai you will need to also register with the local police.

  3. Drones are prohibited from capturing images/videos of defense or secret organizations.

  4. Non-Chinese drone flyers cannot conduct land surveys using drones.

Drone registration China

According to the latest released regulations, drone registration in China is now compulsory.

Drones can be registered on the
website of the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) which is only available in Chinese.

You will need a Chinese phone number and a WeChat account to complete the drone registration process China.

Also, keep your drone’s model and serial number (mentioned inside the battery box) handy when registering.

Restricted Areas and No-Fly Zones

The latest drone laws in China place special emphasis on restricted areas in order to ensure national security.

You can consult the map on the UMO portal to understand where you can fly and which are the no-fly zones China.

In China, currently, you are prohibited from flying:

–       In downtown Beijing, which is a no-fly zone.

–       Above 120 meters. In some areas, this height restriction is reduced to 50 meters.

–       In some scenic and tourist spots where no-fly zone signs are erected. Flying drones in China can be tricky, so, do keep an eye out for such signs.

–       The fly zones have been divided into free-flying, restricted, and no-fly zones. For complete details visit the Civil Unmanned Aircraft Integrated Management Platform (UOM).

China Drone Penalties

The fine for violating drone rules in China can attract a hefty fee of up to 20,000 yuan.

You are likely to be fined if flying without registration, accurate certificate and authorization, and if found flying in restricted areas per the China drone safety guidelines.

Under exceptional cases, deportation may also take place. So, it is best to adhere to the rules to avoid unpleasant encounters.


China just like Bahamas are gradually tightening the noose around drone laws to ensure national security.

Hopefully, a knowledge of the above drone laws China will guide your drone flying expedition in China and enrich your overall experience!


Yes. Registering your drone on the Civil Unmanned Aircraft Integrated Management Platform (UOM) is compulsory in China.

Yes. There are several restrictions on flying. The restrictions are not limited to areas alone but extend to height of the drone as well.

Fines, legal action, and deportation are some penalties for violating drone laws in China.

It is strictly forbidden to fly in or near high-security zones such as airports and government buildings in China.

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