Latest Drone Laws in Bosnia

I’ve been to Bosnia a decent number of times, with the latest trip being just a couple of months back. And I must say, drone regulations have evolved greatly to address the growing popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in this small country in Southeast Europe. 

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) recently updated these drone guidelines, reflecting a balance between encouraging innovation and safeguarding public interests. 

Understanding these regulations makes it essential for anyone, whether a drone enthusiast, hobbyist, or commercial operator, to navigate the airspace responsibly.

Continue reading this article as I list down all the latest drone laws in Bosnia for you.

Bosnia Drone Regulations

The following are the latest drone laws in Bosnia which are similar to other countries such as Ghana for hobbyists and commercial operators alike:

Basic Rules for Non-Commercial Drone Operations:

  • It’s mandatory to fly your drone only during daylight hours and within the visual line of sight. 

  • The maximum permissible altitude for flying your drone is up to 30m AGL (above ground level.)

  • You must maintain a lateral distance of at least 30m from animals, people, structures, vehicles, railways, roads, waterways, vessels, and power transmission lines. If there’s a public gathering, the lateral distance must be at least 50m. 

  • You can’t fly over people.

  • It’s not permitted to fly a drone at a lateral distance of less than 500m from industrial zones, embassies, government facilities and institutions, and other public buildings. 

  • If your drone has a mass greater than 1kg, it must have a valid insurance policy covering damage to third parties in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Basic Rules for Commercial Drone Operations:

  • You must conduct all commercial drone operations during daylight and within your visual line of sight. If the drone needs to be flown beyond your visual line of sight, the lateral distance must not exceed 1000m.

  • For night operations, the drone must be equipped with light-signaling devices, and the dedicated landing site must be in your immediate vicinity.

  • The maximum altitude shall not exceed 30 m AGL. It’s not allowed to fly your drone over a group of people or important buildings.

  • You must have a valid drone insurance policy that covers damage to third parties on the ground in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of your drone’s mass.

  • The minimum lateral distance from people, animals, structures, vessels, vehicles, railways, waterways, roads, power transmission lines, and other drones must be at least 30m.

  • The maximum permissible flight altitude of a drone is up to 120m AGL or up to 50m above an obstacle.

  • The lateral distance from industrial zones, embassies, government facilities and institutions, and other public buildings must not exceed 100m.

  • You may fly your drone within an airport area at a distance of less than 1.5km from the airport or CTR zone only with the prior consent of the competent ATC or Airspace Management Cell (AMC). 

  • It’s illegal to fly your drone from within a protection area located within 300m from the borderline in the depth of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, unless you’ve obtained prior consent of the B&H Border Police.

Latest Drone Laws in Bosnia: FAQs

You must register your drone in Bosnia if you plan to use it for commercial flights.

There are certain no-fly zones in Bosnia you must avoid barging in with your drone. These include private properties and all government buildings. 

Penalties for violating drone laws in Bosnia include fines, confiscation of your drone, or both. 

Yes, there are specific requirements for commercial drone operations in Bosnia. Please refer to the above sections for details. 


I hope you’re now well-versed with the latest drone laws in Bosnia and how to navigate the country’s airspace safely. 

Remember, following the guidelines mentioned above isn’t just crucial for your safety but for everyone around you. So, make sure you follow each one of them.

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