Latest Drone Laws in Belize


The Central American country of Belize has strict laws on drone flying. Every responsible drone pilot must be aware of these regulations for a safe and law-abiding flight.

Below we summarize the latest drone laws in Belize so you can take your drone for a spin without any worries!

Overview of Drone Regulations

The Belize drone regulations are quite prohibitive and not very friendly for recreational drone flyers.

The Belize Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA) is responsible for implementing the laws related to flying drones in Belize.

Here is a quick glance at the rules:

  1.  Belizean citizens have to apply to the Belize aviation authority for commercial or recreational drone flying.

  2.  International drone operators can only fly for work purposes if employed by a local business/organization.

  3.  The temporary importation of drones for recreational/sports usage is forbidden.

  4.  Flying in the restricted drone areas Belize is strictly forbidden by law.

Latest Drone Legislation Belize

According to available information on the official website, the Government is currently in the process of designing drone operation rules Belize to enable foreign recreational flyers to fly their UAVs in Belize. As of now, the drone restrictions Belize prevent them from flying in the country.

Drone Registration Process Belize

The drone registration process in Belize is different for foreign operators and residents.

As mentioned earlier, foreign operators can only fly in Belize if they have been commissioned by a Belizean organization/business to render their services.

Drone Registration for Residents:

  1.  Fill the online application form. You will need to furnish details about the drone.

    The make, model, color, number of engines, type, and serial number are required to be filled in.

  2.  This will be accompanied by a copy of government-issued ID (Passport, Social Security).

  3.  The final step involves visiting the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) office on the first floor of Philip Goldson International Airport to pay a $30.00 BZE Currency drone registration fees Belize for the Permit.

The drone regulations for foreigners seeking commercial drone permits Belize are as follows:

  1.  The operator must email the letter of request/intent issued by the Belizean company to

    The content of this letter will include the purpose for which the Belizean business is seeking the operator’s services.

    Along with this, the arrival date, and location/s of work must be clearly stated.

  2.  Accompanying the letter will be the following documents as mentioned on the official BDCA website:

–   A copy of the drone operator/s identification card (a government-issued ID card i.e. passport etc. from the applicant’s country or residency).

–   A letter of approval for works by the Belize Film Commission.

–   A completed copy of the Drone Application Form

  1. Once the drone registration Belize request is analyzed, the operator is required to visit the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) office on the first floor of Philip Goldson International Airport to pay a $30.00 BZE Currency fee for the Permit.

  2.  The receipt thus obtained is to be submitted to the Department of Civil Aviation to avail the authorization letter and permit for conducting operations in Belize.

Restricted Areas and No-Fly Zones

The BDCA website clearly mentions the following areas as off-limit for drone flyers:

  1.  0-3 miles from any aerodrome or airstrip.
  2.  In areas such as Ladyville, Placencia, Caye Caulker, and North of San Pedro without prior written approval.

It is advised to keep away from these no-fly zones Belize to avoid penalties and fines.


Armed with this information on drone laws Belize you can easily fly your drone in the country and enjoy the beautiful landscape. 

Of course, international flyers eager for a recreational flight will have to wait till such time as the government introduces applicable laws.

If you want to learn more about drone laws in similar countries or islands such as Belize then make sure to read our full guide on latest drones in Bahamas here.


Yes. Drone registration is mandatory in Belize for everyone.

Yes. According to the BDCA website, a few areas like Ladyville, Placencia, Caye Caulker and North of San Pedro, and airstrips are no-fly zones.

No. drone flying near sensitive areas such as airports and government buildings is not allowed.

Yes. Foreign pilots flying for commercial purposes must submit the required documents and obtain a permit to fly in specified areas. 

No. The government of Belize currently prohibits this temporary import of drones by foreigners.

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