Latest Drone Laws in Azerbaijan

If you’re planning a trip to Azerbaijan and wondering if drones are legal in this mid-sized country of the South Caucasus region, the answer is “YES.”

The State Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CAA), which governs civil aviation activities within the country, has legalized drones for both recreational and commercial purposes. 

However, flying drones in Azerbaijan is subject to certain guidelines. This is to ensure you stay legally compliant, avoiding potential fines or penalties. 

But what are the latest drone laws in Azerbaijan? 

Continue reading as I explain exactly this.

Latest Drone Laws in Azerbaijan

Drones in Azerbaijan

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Although the Azerbaijan aviation authority revises drone laws on a regular basis, here’s the latest update on them: 

  • You shouldn’t fly your drone over 400 ft. above ground level.

  • Keeping your UAV within your LoS (line of sight) is mandatory throughout the flight. 

  • Keep your drone at least 150 meters (or 492 ft.) above congested areas of the city, town, or settlement.

  • A distance of at least 50 meters (or 164 ft.) must be maintained from people, vehicles, vessels, or structures for a safe flight.

  • Don’t fly your drone within 30 meters (or 98 ft.) of any person at the time of take-off or landing, unless they are part of the drone operation.

  • Avoid flying your drone over military bases, government buildings, and airports. 

Tip: Read here the difference between a drone and a UAV. 

Are There Any Restrictions on Where I Can Fly My Drone in Azerbaijan?

Yes, there are certain restrictions on where you can fly your drone in Azerbaijan. 

You are not permitted to fly your aircraft in any airport traffic zone, except with permission from either the airport’s personnel in charge or the appropriate Authority unit.

In addition, you can’t take your drone over military bases, near government buildings, etc. 

These are the other no-fly zones in Azerbaijan. 

From my last trip to Azerbaijan, I would also like to advise you to avoid flying over private properties or within 50 meters (164 ft.) of any person, to be on the safer side.

Latest Drone Laws in Azerbaijan: FAQs

Yes, you must register your drone in Azerbaijan. This is especially true if: 

  • It weighs up to 20 kg. 
  • It weighs over 20 kg but less than 150 kg. 
  • Its starting mass is more than 150 kg. 

Well, the typical penalties for violating drone laws in Azerbaijan include fines, confiscation of your drone, or legal action.

Still, I suggest you consult the legal authorities for the most accurate information on penalties related to drone law violations in Azerbaijan.

No, you can’t pilot your drone near airports or government buildings in Azerbaijan.

This is true for recreational drones like the
Hubsan Zino 2 PLUS and commercial ones.

Yes, you must obtain the necessary permit and other licenses from the State Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CAA) for commercial drone operations.


Here you go. I hope you’ve now understood the drone regulations in Azerbaijan. 

By staying informed and compliant with these guidelines, you can contribute to the responsible and lawful use of this evolving drone technology in the country.

Do you’ve any questions for me? Make sure to drop them in the comments below.

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