Latest Drone Laws in Andorra

If you’re a drone enthusiast like me, staying informed about the latest regulations is crucial to ensuring safe and legal flying experiences.

Recently, Andorra, a tiny country between France and Spain, updated its drone laws, impacting hobbyists and professionals alike. 

These new guidelines include not only requirements for registration but also impose more flight restrictions and safety measures. 

But what are the latest drone laws in Andorra? 

Read on as I explain the latest Andorra drone regulations to help you safely navigate the skies of this picturesque European country. 

Latest Drone Laws in Andorra

Ensure a legally safe drone flight in Andorra by following these general guidelines, as per the Andorran aviation authority: 

  • You must obtain a permit to fly your drone, in case it weighs over 55 lbs. (or 25 kg).

  • A valid permit is also required even if your drone weighs under 55 lbs, only if you use it commercially.

  • It’s mandatory to keep your drone within your Line of Sight (LoS) throughout the flight.

  • You must only operate your drone during daylight hours and in good weather conditions.

  • Conduct a thorough pre- and post-flight check on your drone.

  • It’s not allowed to fly your drone within 50 meters (or 55 yards) of or over people, properties, and vehicles.

  • You must maintain a distance of 150 meters (or 490 feet) from the ground.
  • Flying near an airport, government buildings, and military bases are prohibited.

    These are some commonly restricted drone areas in Andorra, from which you must stay at least 8 kilometers (or 5 miles) away.

  • Being a remote pilot, you’re responsible for safely flying your drone and avoiding collisions.

Are There Any Restrictions on Where I Can Fly My Drone in Andorra?

Yes, there are restrictions on where you can fly your drone in Andorra. When I last visited this country, I was prohibited from flying over populated areas, airports, and sensitive locations like government buildings and military installations. 

Additionally, maintaining a safe distance from people, vehicles, and wildlife is equally important to ensure everyone’s safety and compliance with regulations.


I hope this article informed you about the latest drone laws in Andorra. These are essential for drone enthusiasts and operators to operate drones safely. 

By understanding these regulations, you can enjoy flying drones responsibly. And by this you also pay respect to the privacy, security, and environmental concerns.

Latest Drone Laws in Andorra: FAQs

Whether you need to register your drone in Andorra depends on how you plan to use it.

While a permit or registration isn’t required for recreational flying, the same becomes compulsory for commercial operations. 

Speaking of this permit, you must request an I.D. form and submit the request to fly to the Andorran Government Procedures Office.

 Penalties for violating drone laws in Andorra include fines, confiscation, and legal consequences.

But I would like to add one thing: the exact penalties can vary based on the severity and frequency of the offense.

No, you can’t fly your drone near airports or government buildings in Andorra.

Yes, you need a legal permit for commercial drone operations in Andorra.

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