Latest Drone Laws in Albania

Latest Drone Laws in Albania

I’ve been to Albania a couple of times, and similar to other countries, flying your drone there is subject to certain laws.

Set by the Albania Civil Aviation Authority (AAC), these guidelines not only aim to balance the increasing popularity of drones but also protect people and property.  

Understanding these drone laws in Albania is, thus, crucial for every drone enthusiast, hobbyist, and professional alike, to ensure legal compliance and avoid potential fines or penalties. 

From registration requirements to flight restrictions, let’s take a look at the updated drone laws in Albania through this quick guide.

Are you ready to navigate the skies with confidence? 

Latest Drone Laws in Albania

Although the drone laws in Albania are not exactly established yet, you can follow the basic rules listed below to be on the safer side: 

  • You can only fly your UAV during daylight hours, and not at night. 

  • Fly your drone within your Line of Sight (LoS) at all times.

  • Go through your aircraft’s user manual before taking it out for the aerial adventure.

  • Conduct a pre- and post-flight inspection of your drone.

  • Don’t fly over 140 metres (or 400 feet) from the ground. 

  • Avoid flying within 50 metres (or 55 yards) of or over people, property, or vehicles.

  • Stay away from flying your drone near airports, military and government facilities, and densely populated areas.

  • A valid remote pilot license/permit is mandatory for deploying your drone for commercial purposes.

Drone Registration in Albania

If I talk about drone registration in Albania, there isn’t any concrete information on whether it’s necessary. 

Thus, I recommend keeping an eye on AAC’s official website for updates.

Penalties for Violating Drone Laws in Albania

Penalties for Violating Drone Laws in Albania

Penalties for violating drone laws in Albania vary depending on the severity of your offense and the circumstances. For example: 

  • Operating your drone without the necessary permit or remote pilot license can result in fines or penalties. 

  • Flying your UAS in restricted or prohibited airspace, such as near airports, military installations, or government buildings, can lead to serious outcomes.

  • Lastly, misusing your aircraft to invade someone’s privacy or capturing their footage without their consent can also lead to legal issues.

Are There Any Restrictions on Where I Can Fly My Drone in Albania?

Yes, there are restrictions on where you can fly your drone in Albania. 

Whether you’re a recreational or commercial drone pilot, you can’t fly around no-fly zones in Albania, such as airports, government facilities, and military bases.

Doing so can land you in legal trouble, including but not limited to fines, drone confiscation, and imprisonment.

Latest Drone Laws in Albania: FAQs

You don’t need to register your drone in Albania. However, following the aforementioned guidelines is important to avoid getting in legal trouble.

Since it’s not mandatory to register your drone in Albania, there are no fixed penalties as such for flying a drone without proper registration. 

Still, failing to follow the above drone laws could lead to consequences like fines, confiscation of your UAV, or worse, imprisonment.

No, it’s illegal to fly your drone near airports or military installations in Albania.

Yes, you would need a permit for commercial drone operations in Albania.


To conclude, always be aware of your surroundings and make sure not to fly your drone in a way that could endanger others.

Be respectful of private properties around you, and avoid flying your drone over someone’s home without permission. 

As technology evolves and Albanian drone legislation changes, it’s a good idea to keep a tab on the official website of Albania Civil Aviation Authority for any changes and avoid any penalties or risks associated with your drone operation.  

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