Hubsan Zino Pro vs Zino Pro Plus


Being an improved version, the Zino Pro Plus is hands down the winner when compared to the Zino Pro.

If you are buying the Zino series, then read ahead to understand how the two differ and why you should shell out a bit more for the Pro Plus.

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Hubsan Zino Pro vs Zino Pro Plus comparison

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A reliable drone at a reasonable price – that’s the USP of the Zino series for you. But which one should you pick up from the newer models- the Zino Pro or the Zino Pro Plus?

I faced the same conundrum when making a purchase. And since I did all the research to choose the best one for me, you can benefit from it!

Below is a summary of how the two compare and which one is best for your needs.

Battery Life

With a 3000 mAh battery, the Zino Pro has a flight time of 23 minutes when fully charged.

The Pro Plus, on the other hand, flies for a remarkable 43 minutes, thanks to its 5000 mAh battery.

If you want to learn more about battery life make sure to full our guide here.

Besides the extended flight time in Zino Pro Plus another added benefit is that all three batteries can be charged at the same time. 

Verdict: If a longer flight time is what you require, then opt for the Zino Pro Plus.

Camera Quality

Both the models have 4K cameras and three-axis gimbals for professional-looking videos.

They are equipped with the A12s Sony sensors, which make the image quality clearer and sharper.

Hubsan Zino Pro camera resolution is 12 MP, same as Zino Pro Plus. If you want to know more about camera quality and how far it can see then make sure to read this in-depth review here.

Verdict: Both FPVs have almost similar image quality. Although, personally I found the videos more stable and sharper in the Zino Pro Plus.


Max range of Zino Pro vs Zino Pro Plus is where the two differ considerably. You can control the Zino Pro up to a distance of 4 km. The Zino Pro Plus, on the other hand, has double the range at 8 km!

Verdict: Clearly, the Zino Pro Plus wins when it comes to range. But in my opinion, a range of 4 km is sufficient, considering the FAA rules emphasis on flying within Visual Line of Sight (VLOS).

GPS and Return To Home

Both the models are equipped with both GPS and GLONASS systems, which enhances their orientational accuracy. The RTH function is also available on both.

In addition, the Zino Pro Plus has IMU calibration which makes it more precise in GPS coordinates settings.

Verdict: Both models are almost similar in this respect.


Hubsan’s Zino Pro and Zino Pro Plus are not very different. The key differences lie in range, battery life, and camera clarity (to some extent). 

If these attributes matter significantly to you, then opt for the Zino Pro Plus.

Otherwise, you can use the price difference between Zino Pro and Zino Pro Plus to buy add-ons like ND4/ND8 filters for the Zino Pro.


Yes, image stabilization is available on the Zino Pro Plus

Yes. But they have to be purchased separately.

No, Intelligent Battery is only available in Zino Pro Plus.

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