Hubsan X4 H107C Vs. Hubsan H107L

Hubsan X4 H107C vs. Hubsan H107L


After comparing the Hubsan X4 H107C and Hubsan H107L, my pick is the former. You get a camera and bigger motors for just a few more dollars. 

But the Hubsan H107L would be perfect for flying lessons. Read the distinctions and make a choice.

Feature Table

Hubsan X4 H107C vs H107L comparison

Battery life
Camera Quality
Ease of Use
Speed and Maneuverability
Hubsan H107L
Hubsan X4 H107C


My niece is in total awe of my drone collection. So, last Christmas I decided to gift her a drone. 

Being her first drone, I wanted it to be special yet not too pricey since she’s a beginner.

Hubsan’s quad range was my first choice, as DJI did not fit the budget! I was confused between the H107L and H107C (C stands for camera) models.

If you are too, then read on to know if you should pay the extra $14 for Hubsan H107L pricing (with a 480p camera).

Metrics Comparison

Battery Life & Flight Time

Most metrics on the two drones are similar. Both come with a 2.4GHz flight control, can be used indoors and outdoors, and can perform 360 flips & rolls. 

The range for both drones is 100m. Here are the differences between Hubsan X4 H107C and H107L:

The H107L has a 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po battery while H107C’s uses a 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po battery.

But the latter’s larger battery only gives it a minute of extended flight time at 7 minutes compared to H107L’s 6 minutes.

This could be due to the larger size and weight of H107C since it comes with a camera and propeller guards.

Verdict: In Hubsan X4 H107C vs H107L battery life, H107C wins for the extra 1-minute flight time.


The lack of a camera in the H107L is the biggest differentiating factor when compared to H107C.

The Hubsan X4 H107C camera resolution has two variants, 480p and 720p. However, do not expect miracles from its 2MP camera.

As all Hubsan X4 H107C review will tell you – treat it as a beginner-level drone camera with average resolution and picture quality.

When you consider the price-to-performance ratio, I’d say it does a decent job.

Verdict: H107C for having a camera!

Speed & Maneuverability

H107L is slightly faster and more agile than H107C, being lightweight and smaller in size. I had the chance to fly both and noticed this distinction.

This makes the H107L a better choice for those who want to learn maneuverability and control.

Verdict: H107L flies faster and is more agile than H107C.


One of the reasons besides a camera that tilted me in favor of the H107C was the presence of propeller guards.

I’ve been flying for a few years now and appreciate their importance in the event of a crash.

If you are testing the waters and have no inkling about drones then the H107C is better than H107L due to the robust propeller guards.

But either way, always buy an extra set of propellers because drone crashes are far more common than you think!

Verdict: H107C wins here because the propeller guards are absolutely worth it!


If you often fly in the twilight sky, then H107L is the better choice courtesy of its brighter LEDs. 

My niece says it almost looks like a UFO! You can fly with the H107C too but the lights aren’t as good.

Verdict: H107L takes the crown for the brighter LEDs.


My choice would be the H107C since it offers a complete package for beginners. 

But if serious flying is your next step, then H107L is apt for that. It is an agile and nimble drone that is good for practicing aerial tricks.  

Ultimately both are affordable drones for recreational use and the one you buy will be decided by your usage pattern and requirements. Hope this guide is useful in helping you decide!


Yes. But the H107L has brighter LEDs.

You can expect a flight range of 100 m from the drone.

No. The camera is fixed and cannot be upgraded.

Yes, both spare parts for both drones are cheap and easily available.

The presence of a camera in H107C is the main differentiating factor.

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