How to Get a Drone Out of a Tree?

Even the most experienced drone pilots can tell you that drones crash all the time, and if you are flying in areas with several obstructions such as trees, chances are the drone will end up in a tree.

Some causes of these could be underestimating the tree’s height when returning to home, ignoring battery depletion warnings, or not paying attention when flying. As a result, it’s important to know how to get a drone out of a tree.  

Knowing how to get a drone out of a tree will save you lots of trouble and (probably) money. So, how do you get a drone out of a tree? 

  • Fly the drone out of the tree
  • Climb the tree
  • Use a ladder
  • Fish the drone
  • Poke the drone
  • Ask for help

Ready to learn how to get your drone out of that tall tree? 

Read on.

How to Get a Drone Out of a Tree?

How to Get a Drone Out of a Tree?

First of all, don’t panic. Panicking might make it even harder to retrieve your drone. So, relax and determine which method I have listed below will help you get your drone back. 

Please avoid using methods that would damage your drone. For example, avoid throwing something on the drone. It could easily crash. 

Also, though many people recommend using a dart gun or a slingshot, these options are unsafe. Why? They increase the chances of the drone crashing. 

So, here’s how to get a drone out of a tree. Safely. 

Fly the Drone Out of the Tree

If there’s a clear path, the battery has some power, and the drone responds to the given commands, try flying it out of the tree.

While this should be your first step, you must be extra careful and gentle with the drone to avoid entangling it further.  

This method works best if the branches have not entangled the drone completely and the propellers are not so close to the leaves or branches. 

So, carefully ascertain the drone’s location to determine the best direction to fly it and how far to lift it to get it out of the tree.

Climb the Tree

Can you climb a tree without endangering your life? If you can, and the tree is strong enough to accommodate your weight, you can give this option a trial. 

Even so, as you plan your way up the tree, plan your way back down the tree. Avoid climbing the tree while wearing loose clothes or shoes, as they might increase the chances of injury. Better still, use a climbing rope.

However, be warned: Climbing a slippery or wet tree is dangerous. Also, avoid climbing tall trees if there’s no other person with you. 

When the worst happens, and a branch snaps off, you could fall and get injured without anyone knowing it. 

It’s also paramount to consider the location of the tree. Could you be trespassing or breaking any laws by climbing the tree? 

If so, please call the necessary persons to aid with retrieving the drone. Alternatively, use a pole. 

Use a Ladder

Consider using a ladder if the tree is too tall for you to climb. Without a doubt, no one carries a ladder when going to fly a drone. 

However, if you’re flying your drone in your locality or near a town, you can borrow, rent, or buy one. 

Whatever the case, ensure the ladder is strong enough to hold your weight. Additionally, the ladder should be tall enough to reach the drone’s location successfully. 

Place the ladder on a level footing. Also, ensure it’s well-balanced to avoid wobbling while you ascend. 

To ensure you’re entirely safe, have someone to watch you and support the ladder while you’re on it.

Once close to the drone, exercise maximum caution while reaching out to the branch where the drone is stuck. 

If it’s challenging to reach out to that branch, additional tools such as a pole may help you to dislodge the drone. Otherwise, climb onto the branches near it to retrieve it if it is safe.

Fish Your Drone Out of the Tree

You can use a fishing line to get a drone out of a tree. Attach a weight to your fishing line

You can use old socks to make a softball, a cricket ball, or a baseball. Start unwinding the fishing line, making sure that the straight line is twice or thrice the approximate distance of the drone from the ground. 

Throw the cricket ball or whatever you have attached to the fishing line on the branch where the drone is stuck. Be careful not to hit the drone, as it could get damaged. 

So, aim at the branches on the right or left of the drone. After the weight is on the branches, pull the line to shake them so they can lose the drone. 

You can pile grass to create a safe landing place for the drone. This method needs lots of caution, accuracy, and patience. 

Also, ensure that you maintain a safe distance to avoid getting hurt by the propellers in case the drone falls. 

Poke the Drone Out of the Tree

You can use a long, strong pole if the tree is not too tall. This is an excellent method if you don’t have a ladder, the tree is not strong enough to hold your weight, it is too wet to climb it, or you’re not physically fit to climb it. 

However, to ensure that the drone is safe, place a heap of grass or clothes under the location where it is stuck so that it doesn’t crash when it falls from the tree. 

You can also use a safety net to catch the drone safely.

Ask For Help

The best and fastest way to seek help is through social media. Good people around us are willing to help us at no cost or at a small fee.

So, post the challenge you’re facing on social media, for example, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Give all the details, for example, the tree’s height and location. Hence, anyone willing to help will know what tools to carry to help you retrieve the drone. 

Asking for help does not make you weak. So, please ask for help from the fire brigade, social media volunteers, or a tree-trimming company. 

If you choose to contact the fire brigade, be clear and tell them that your case is not an emergency and that you’re comfortable waiting if other emergency issues need their attention. 

Also, avoid contacting them using the emergency line.

Parting Shot 

You don’t have to spend much money to get a stuck drone out of a tree. Therefore, unless hiring the fire brigade is necessary, consider climbing the tree if it is safe and lawful.

Alternatively, fly the drone out of the tree, use a ladder, poke it out, or ask for help. Whichever method you choose, always remember to stay calm.

Peter Karanja

Peter is a licensed drone pilot and drone fanatic. He owns a DJI Air 2S that he uses to shoot videos for fun, enjoyment and for clients.

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