How to Connect a Drone to Your Phone?

If you want to adjust your drone’s settings on the go, stream live videos, or access flight data, you can easily do so by using your phone.

However, you need to connect your drone to your phone. But do you know how to connect a drone to your phone? 

You can do this with a cable provided by the drone manufacturer by connecting the drone to the controller, then linking the controller to the drone. Or you can connect to the drone through Bluetooth or WiFi signals. 

How you connect to the drone varies depending on the drone you are using, so read on to learn more about the various ways you can connect your drone to a smartphone. 

How to connect a DJI drone to your Smartphone

Most DJI drones that use the DJI Fly app work the same way so the connection to the smartphone works the same for all of them.

  • Go to the DJI app store and download the DJI FLy App and install it.
  • You will need to register an account with DJI. If you already have one, you will need to login.
  • Power on the controller by pressing once and then a second time and hold and connect the smartphone to the controller using the provided cable.
  • Power on the drone by pressing once and then a second time and hold.
  • In most cases the smartphone will detect the drone and will automatically open the DJI FLy app. If it doesn’t, launch the DJI FLy App.
  • Tap on the Connection Guide button, then select your drone model.
  • Select camera view at the top right.
  • In the next screen, tap the 3 dots at the top and go to the Control tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom until you find the “Connect to Aircraft” button.
  • Click on it and follow the instructions. Some drones do come with a painting button while others will need you to tap and hold on the power button.
  • Using the app is the easiest way to connect but you can use the controller. To do this, simultaneously press the customizable FN button, shutter button, and photo and video button to put the controller into pairing mode.

    Then press the and hold the power button or pairing button depending on the drone you are using.

How to Connect Your Parrot drone to your Phone

Assuming you have a Parrot Bebop drone, how do you connect it to your Android phone? It’s as easy as saying 1,2,3. Follow the steps below. 

  • Step 1: Find the power button at the back of the drone and long press it for approximately 2 seconds to power your drone. Once the drone boots, the LED lights will turn green.
  •  Step 2: In the Google Play Store, download the FreeFlight Pro App. The App is compatible with smartphones that are using Android 4.2 and above. 
  • Step 3: Launch the App – Turn on your Android’s WiFi and location services and connect the drone’s WiFi address as shown in the settings. 

Your drone will beep once to mean the connection is successful. The LED lights at the back of the drone will also light.

Finish the configuration settings on the FreeFlight Pro App and start flying your drone.

How to Connect DJI Phantom 4 to Your Phone?

As I’ve mentioned, drones are created differently. On the other hand, smartphones are also designed differently. 

The Phantom 4 represents DJI’s older drones that use the DJI GO app.

So, follow these steps if you’re using DJI Phantom 4.

  • Step 1: Power on the drone -Your drone will boot when you press the power button for about 2 seconds. Once it’s powered, the LED lights will turn on. 
  • Step 2: In the Google Play Store or the DJI App Store, download the DJI GO app, configure it, and launch it. 

This App is available on Android (5.0 or newer version) and iOS phones. If you’re using a different drone, check the manual guide to know which App you need to download. 

If, for example, you’re using a DJI Phantom 4 drone, the camera tab lights will be gray before configuration, and they will change to a different color after configuration. Now, use the USB cable to connect the drone to your smartphone. 

Upon a successful connection, the camera tab lights will turn blue. Consistently tap on the ‘Next’ button and, based on your preferences, set up a transmitter name and configure a good video output. 

Don’t use the ‘Beginner mode’ option if you’re an experienced pilot. Otherwise, tap it if you’re just starting to fly drones. 

If you don’t have a DJI account, sign up for one; otherwise, if you have one, sign in to sync it to the drone.  

  • Step 3: Connect your phone to the Drone’s WiFi network 

Once the App setup is complete, connect your drone to the WiFi network to act as a wireless connection between the drone and your smartphone.

To start flying your drone, calibrate the drone’s and phone’s compasses. Use the app to calibrate the drone’s compass successfully.

How to Connect an Autel Drone to your Phone

Like with most of the other drones, you will not need to connect your phone to the drone directly.

You just need to connect your drone to the controller, then connect the phone to the controller. If you have an Autel drone, below is how you do it.

  • On the Android or Apple store download the Autel Explorer App for Autel Evo series or the Autel SKy App if you have the Nano series.
  • Power on the controller and the drone. Connect your smartphone to the controller.
  • Launch the app.
  • In most cases, drones come binded to the controller, so the app will detect the drone model.

The Pros of Connecting Your Drone to Your Smartphone

Successfully connecting your drone to your smartphone gives you high convenience, and your flights become pure bliss! 

Here are some major pros of connecting the drone to your smartphone. 

Easy Firmware Update

Drone manufacturers often update the firmware to improve performance. Therefore, they add new and upgraded drone features to address any security risks clients may have reported. 

So, your smartphone helps you to update the drone’s firmware effectively to keep it safe from hackers and to ensure it is functioning correctly. 

Access to Flight Data

Once you connect the drone to the phone, you’ll easily monitor the battery life, current flight altitude, GPS location (essential when finding a lost drone), and the drone’s speed.   

Ease of Sharing Videos and Photos With Your Network

You can easily share captivating photos and images (in real-time) with anyone as long as the drone is correctly connected to your smartphone. 

Live Camera Feed

If you’re a videographer, you will need real-time video footage streams from the drone camera to your smartphone.

This helps you to see everything the drone sees. Hence, you can capture timely, excellent shots.

Real-Time Drone Updates

The drone sends vital real-time updates to your phone, such as weak signal strength and low battery level alerts.

Such updates are essential because they help you make a timely decision to avoid a drone crash. 

Stress-Free Drone Control

It’s more convenient to control your drone from your phone, which means you can also easily avoid drone accidents.

Better still, beginners can effectively navigate drones without crashing because apps simplify controlling drones.

Closing Line

It is essential to know how to connect a drone to your phone as it helps you quickly fly it, maneuver, view live footage, update the firmware, and access flight data. 

Connecting your phone to your drone through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the provided USB cable is essential as it makes your flights fascinating and convenient. You don’t have to worry if I didn’t use your drone model in this guide. 

Simply check the manual guide to find which app you need to download, and then continue with the other steps as indicated here.

If you can’t find the app, please reach out with drone model and we will get the accurate information for you.

Peter Karanja

Peter is a licensed drone pilot and drone fanatic. He owns a DJI Air 2S that he uses to shoot videos for fun, enjoyment and for clients.

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