EXO Drones vs. DJI: Which One Is the Best?

In the ever-expanding world of drones, two major players that stand out are EXO Drones and DJI. Both brands have gained recognition for their top-quality drones, exhibiting a wide range of innovative models with unique features and capabilities. 

But the question is: which one reigns supreme? 

DJI continues to rule the drone industry with its state-of-the-art innovations, intuitive UI, smart features, camera quality, and more.

But EXO Drones isn’t far behind, going head-to-head with its rugged build and high-performance flight. 

Read on, as I delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each manufacturer to help you decide which one you should ultimately invest your money in. 

So, buckle up and get ready to soar through the skies with EXO Drones, DJI, or maybe both! 

EXO Drones vs. DJI: Head-to-Head Comparison

After testing both entry-level and flagship drones from EXO Drones and DJI for a couple of months, I’ve gained valuable insights into their performance, features, and overall user experience.

The following table summarizes these insights for you, so you can make a better decision.

EXO Drones
Target Audience
Camera Quality
Smart Features
Transmission Range

EXO Drones vs. DJI: The Ultimate Showdown

The following are my unbiased views of each drone brand, based on their design, flight time, camera quality, and more.

Target Audience

EXO Drones and DJI cater to different sets of audiences. 

I’ve been following DJI for a long time and can tell how popular it is among professional aerial photographers, filmmakers, and hobbyists who want advanced features and high-quality footage, even at higher costs. 

This isn’t the case with EXO Drones, who entered the space to attend to beginners, casual flyers, and those new to the world of drones or seeking a budget-friendly option.

Take the example of EXO X7 Ranger PLUS. It’s one of the flagship models EXO Drones sells at just $549! Yes, you read that right! After discounts, you can even get it under $300.

Winner: NA

Camera Quality 

If I talk about the overall camera quality, without a fraction of a doubt, EXO Drones is way behind DJI. 

Except for a few DJI drones, like the Mini SE whose camera is quite disappointing in my view, all other models feature well-balanced camera capabilities for every purpose.

They come with high-resolution sensors, advanced image processing capabilities, and stable gimbal systems, ensuring sharp and vibrant shots. 

EXO Drones, in order to keep their models cost-effective, lack the above things. 

Winner: DJI


I won’t randomly compare EXO drones to DJI in terms of price. This is because they target different audiences, and thus, it’s important to take various factors into the picture. 

Starting off with the DJI, its drones are generally known for their lavish price tags. But that’s justified by the fact that it offers a wide range of features and advanced technology in its products. 

On the other hand, EXO Drones scores a brownie point for its affordability, making the company a suitable option for those on a tighter budget. 

Tip: Balance the price with the specific features and performance requirements you need from your drone. 

So, depending on your budget and needs, both EXO Drones and DJI offer options worth considering.

Winner: EXO Drones

Smart Features

Although smart features are something you shouldn’t care much about if you’re a casual user, these make a lot of sense for professional pilots. 

Here again, DJI reigns supreme. 

Intelligent Flight Modes, ActiveTrack technology, Return to Home (RTH) function, TapFly mode, omni-obstacle sensing, and gesture control are just a handful of smart features you can use in most DJI drones. 

EXO Drones too have some of these smart features, like gesture control, Intelligent Flight Modes, obstacle avoidance, and Follow-Me mode. But frankly speaking, I didn’t find them as good as in DJI’s. 

If DJI drones aren’t your cup of tea due to their heavy pricing, you can give Autel Robotics a try. It’s the only brand that has gotten the closest to matching DJI in this arena.

Winner: DJI

Transmission Range

The majority of DJI unmanned aircraft are based on the O3+ transmission system, which means they can usually fly further away from the controller before losing connection.

While EXO drones might not have as long of a transmission range as DJI, they still offer decent performance for most drone activities. 

Winner: DJI

Battery Life

Battery life is another area where EXO Drones excels, after pricing. Many of its drones promise an average flight time of 40 to 50 minutes per complete charge, which is approx. 10 to 20 minutes more than what you get with DJI. 

Yes, I’m not kidding. 

The average battery life of DJI’s consumer drones is around 34 minutes, which is sub-par for its standards. 

And as I always say, the actual flight time is even less than the advertised one! 

Winner: EXO Drones

What Are the Best Drones From EXO Drones and DJI?

Although the list of best drones from EXO Drones and DJI is huge, still, here’s a roundup of my favorite models from each brand: 

Winner: Tie

EXO Drones


EXO Drones vs. DJI: FAQs

Well, this is a tough question. Although I haven’t tried many brands apart from DJI, Autel Robotics is one name that comes to my end.

Yes, EXO Drones are good. You shouldn’t count them less than DJI, as they cater to a different audience and have set their priorities, like camera quality, price, and features, accordingly. 

There isn’t a fixed answer to this. The operational range of EXO Drones varies from model to model.


For example, EXO Blackhawk 2 Pro can be controlled from a distance of 10 kilometers or 5 miles.

EXO drones aren’t waterproof, like other drones. But going by the company’s statement, they can withstand some light rain or minor splashes of water. 


Still, I wouldn’t recommend you guys to fly your UAV in the rain, as the exterior fans can expose moisture to the interior of the drone, thus damaging it.


If you want to, you must first waterproof your drone

 This ultimately comes down to your requirements. If you’re someone who wants a basic drone for recreational purposes and doesn’t want to spend much, EXO Drones is your best bet. 


On the contrary, you shouldn’t look beyond DJI if top camera quality, smart features, and better transmission range are your priority. 


If I had to summarize, DJI is renowned for its reliability, advanced features, and extensive range of models catering to various needs. 

EXO Drones, on the other hand, takes pride in its innovative designs and competitive performance. 

Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your personal preferences, flying skills, specific requirements, and of course, budget. 

Rest assured that both EXO Drones and DJI have something to offer you in the world of drones, whether you prioritize cutting-edge technology or value affordability.

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